For candidates:

-          RS Lifestyle Recruitment invites candidates to fill in an extensive intake form before the interview. At the end of the form we provide two free tests:

  1. An enneagram test. To broaden the candidates awareness, an enneagram test is to be filled in. This test brings forward a personality type in a graph. The graph shows you what behaviour you are most likely to show in various situations.
  2. A value test. Out of nine different values, the candidate picks the three priorities closest to their personality. These priorities indicate whether the candidate suits the organisation or function.


For Clients:

-          RS Lifestyle recruitment offers clients a mini-assessment. The assessment consists out of a competence test which is linked to a specific function. This test thoroughly analysis the potential of you candidates. You will discover who is behind the “interview mask” and what you really can expect from the candidate when hired. Besides testing a candidate the test is also suitable to show potential or possible blockages with your current personnel. The outcome of the test will be supported by a psychologist. The test exists out of 240 questions and can be filled in at home by the candidate.

The test will show you:

  • Whether the candidate is as productive as you want to.
  • What his/her real motivation is.
  •  Which ‘invisible’ aspect of the candidates personality or behaviour you might have missed
  • What can you expect from the candidate after the ‘honeymoon period’, when you start to build upon someone.

Besides this you will discover:

  • Creativity
  • Initiative
  • Team spirit
  • persistence capability
  • communicative skill
  • Growth potential

 Costs: €400,- excl VAT